About Defiantly Uncool

My Playing Pengo at the Louisville Arcade ExpoThis is the personal blog for Bronson O’Quinn. If you are looking for his professional website, go here.

The logo for this site is the schwa, or “ə”, which looks like an upside down “e”. In linguistics, the schwa represents the most common vowel in the English language.

I had been using this blog since 2014. In July 2016, I moved all of my websites to a different host and, for some reason, forgot to back up this particular site, so I lost most of my old posts. I found a couple on a Google Cache, but most of them were Instagram reposts, so I can just let those slide.

My first blog was called Disposable Tea. While I no longer own the domain DisposableTea.com, you can still find that blog by clicking here. I have to warn you, though: it’s pretty bad.