About Bronson O’Quinn

Bronson on his wedding night.Bronson O’Quinn is a writer living in Lexington, Kentucky. He primarily writes novels, but also enjoys creative nonfiction and writes articles for local publications (you can view those by clicking here).

Bronson likes to write about video games at Maze Rats, where he has a printed zine called The Backlog. In The Backlog, he picks a single video game and crafts an essay about that game’s role in culture and society. He describes it as “dorky and pretentious as hell”.

He also blogs for a poetry press located in Lexington, Kentucky called Accents Publishing. He loves the local literary community and even works at a nonprofit dedicated to the literary arts. During his tenure, he has been tasked with maintaining the Kentucky Literary Calendar, which compiles literary events in and around the Bluegrass.

Ultimately, Bronson wants to make a living as a writer. He has been working on his current novel for over three years and hopes to start querying agents early next year.

Bronson also wants you to know that he has an amazing wife and four crazy/wild/silly/awesome cats: Pumpkin Jezebel, Buddy Bear, Iris Rose Poppy Daisy, and Ichabod Damien.