The LexOceania Wiki An Interactive Exhibit Celebrating Orwell's 1984

photo by Tatiana Aristazabal

Every year, the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning has their annual Carnegie Classics event where they choose one classic book and then throw a giant party/celebration themed around it. In the past, they’ve done To Kill  MockingbirdThe Great GatsbyCatcher in the Rye, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In 2016, they chose George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

As part of this event, I created a couple different things. One of them was an interactive wiki that told the history of our town of “LexOceania”. I created an original history (a lot of which used references from the novel), and then set up a private computer in the corner which allowed anyone to walk up and edit the town’s history.

To give you an idea of how this piece worked, we placed a computer in the corner of the upstairs art gallery, hidden by a privacy sheet.

Art piece on the left created by Chuck Clenney.
photo by La Pachamama Photography

Then, if you wanted to edit the history, you could slip into a chair and start changing it to say whatever you wanted. If you weren’t feeling particularly creative, we had cards with suggestions for what you can change. Those cards are available here.

photo by La Pachamama Photography

Of course, the privacy is just an illusion because the contents of the screen are being projected onto a giant wall where everyone can see your changes.

photo by La Pachamama Photography

If you’re interested in viewing the revisions of this wiki, here’s a link to download a PDF of the revisions.

Or, to view the revision in your browser, here are the revisions in a handy little photo gallery. To read them in full-screen, click on the first image and then use the left/right arrow keys to move to the next one. All changes from the previous version will be highlighted in yellow.

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