Dr. Recluse A Love Letter to American Trash

Dr Recluse front coverI self-published a novella in 2012. The title, Dr. Recluse, comes out of a misunderstanding of the main character’s name, Dachturé Klüss (pronounced “Docto -Ray – Cloose”). I use no actual languages in the book except English. On the back cover of the book, I use Bulgarian.

Ultimately, my writing and publishing this book wasn’t really about the story as much as it was about trying to finish something and then learning how to self-publish. For this reason, I didn’t feel good about selling it, so I quit selling it. I also think the story is terrible, and I learned that if you edit an entire novel a dozen times in the course of two weeks, it will look just as bad as if you never edited it at all. I am not particularly proud of the work I did writing this book, but I still like the cover and think that this demonstrates my ability to commit to something for a long period of time.

Dr Recluse front and back cover

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